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Study Permit Application from Kenya

I recently engaged Hitomi Aman, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) of Kaede Immigration Services for my son’s Canada study permit. Kaede Immigration Services is a well-known Regulated Canadian Immigration consulting firm in Toronto, Canada providing immigration consulting services to international students and other people who would like to migrate to Canada.

My engagement with Hitomi happened during the COVID 19 pandemic and one will expect the slow processing time by both the IRCC and the immigration consultant, but nonetheless, she kept a cool head and was able to archive the desire outcome. The study permit was secured without much hustle from me.

Hitomi is very experienced in the Canadian immigration process and demonstrated a very positive attitude throughout the process. She is not bothered by the number of emails she receives from her clients and she is very responsive to emails. During my son’s visa application process (before and after applying), the turnaround time to my emails of inquiries was the same day. Because of her expertise in immigration services, I felt like being supported by a highly qualified professional which also gave me the level of confidence that the desired outcome will be achieved.

If you are looking to migrate to Canada for studies or permanent residency, I will highly recommend the use of Kaede Immigration Services. Using this firm will increase your chances of getting a positive outcome of your visa application.

Mr. AF




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