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TR to PR Pathway

My spouse and I asked Kaede Immigration Services for help with our PR applications. In the beginning, we were planning to apply under Express Entry, but we changed our plan and decided to apply under TR to PR. We did not have much time until the deadline of the program and we had difficulties preparing documents but Hitomi gave us prompt and accurate advice and we successfully submitted our applications. When we were waiting for the process, we had concerns because IRCC requested us for additional documents several times. Hitomi always answered our trivial questions politely and we were very thankful.

Fortunately, we were able to get our PR a lot faster than we planned and it was because Hitomi helped us. We are very glad to meet her and we thank her so much.

Ms. A.S.




Spousal sponsorship in Canada Class

It was January 2021, before COVID-19 pandemic, when I asked for her support for my visitor extension and family sponsorship applications. Because of the pandemic, it was difficult for me to get docume

Spousal sponsorship in Canada Class

My friend told me about Hitomi and she helped me with my family sponsorship application. When I applied for my PR, I was out of status and I was very worried about it. However, she made me feel secure

TR to PR Pathway

Hitomi helped me and my family with TR to PR Pathway. It was a new limited-time program and we were not sure what kind of documents would be required. She gave us a document list she thought would be


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