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Spousal sponsorship in Canada Class

My husband and I applied for spousal sponsorship in December 2020, during the pandemic.

Hitomi helped us with our PR application and we got approval in 7 months! My Canadian husband was a student and we did not know what to do with our PR application. Hitomi answered all of our questions accurately from the very beginning when we had a consultation with her until the end of the application process. Her responses were very quick and we could wait for PR process without stress.

We are very happy with our decision to hire Hitomi as our representative. She is very professional and knowledgeable.

If you need an immigration/visa support, I suggest that you hire her as your representative.

Family Sponsorship under the Spouse or Common-Law Partner in Canada Class /

Mr. KRK & Mrs. MM




TR to PR Pathway

My spouse and I asked Kaede Immigration Services for help with our PR applications. In the beginning, we were planning to apply under Express Entry, but we changed our plan and decided to apply under

Spousal sponsorship in Canada Class

It was January 2021, before COVID-19 pandemic, when I asked for her support for my visitor extension and family sponsorship applications. Because of the pandemic, it was difficult for me to get docume

Spousal sponsorship in Canada Class

My friend told me about Hitomi and she helped me with my family sponsorship application. When I applied for my PR, I was out of status and I was very worried about it. However, she made me feel secure


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