Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)

I completed 8-month college course and Hitomi helped me with my PGWP application. I had concerns regarding my application and I contacted her because she also helped my husband with his application before. Her response was very quick and accurate every time I asked her questions. Processing time for PGWP on IRCC website was about 5 months when I applied, but I was granted one-year PGWP in 3 months. I was stressed about COVID as well as my PGWP application, and I made the right choice to get Hitomi's help.

Ms. YY

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I can't thank Hitomi enough for everything she has done for me. It was very stressful to work and prepare for my PR application at the same time under the pandemic situation, but I was encouraged by h

Hitomi helped me with my PGWP, LMIA-based work permit and PR application under Express Entry. It was reassuring that I had her support. Her responses were very quick and I got the decisions of my appl

My husband and I applied for spousal sponsorship in December 2020, during the pandemic. Hitomi helped us with our PR application and we got approval in 7 months! My Canadian husband was a student and